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Updated on Dec 22, 2021

Are you looking for the best boom poles for filming? When you’re working on a production, one of the most important aspects of capturing the full picture is recording great sound. Often we do this by using a boom microphone, but to use one of these legendary mics, we’ll need the best boom pole we can get! The perfect pole will allow us to get great range while being light enough to prevent arm fatigue.

While most boom microphones are optimized in their own weight, they can still be heavy enough that finding the most durable boom poles will be essential for most people. Our team has worked professionally with recording the best audio for film and has worked with most of the boom poles on the market right now.

For this article, we’ll run you through the list of our choice on the best boom poles for filming. We’ll then dive into each one and talk about the features that make them stand out, and who it will be best for. Not everyone is on the same budget, and not all needs are the same, so by the end of this, you should have an idea of which of these boom poles is best for you.

The Best Boom Poles For Filming

Our Picks

Best Overall

1. Rode Boompole Pro

The Rode Boompole Pro is by far the best boom pole for filming, thanks to the size, weight, and durability. This carbon fiber boom pole weights only 18 ounces and can extend from roughly 3 ft to 10ft. This pole will work great with your shotgun microphones in any setting.

Rode Boom Pole Pro Carbon Fiber
Rode Boom Pole Pro Carbon Fiber

I've most often seen this boom pole used with the Rode NTG3, as it was developed for this specific microphone. However, it quickly became the most loved boom pole thanks to the high-quality materials used within the build. It feels great, has incredible strength, and weighs next to nothing.

This five-section boom pole is made completely with carbon fiber, and the sections extend without any hassle. You can simply reach down with one hand, twist it, and you're extending! It's so easy to use & mine never locks up on me. They also offer a wireless XLR adapter accessory so you don't have to trip over your XLR cables!

Overall, you'll find the Rode Boompole Pro is easily the most high quality boom pole that any professional should be using. If you value high quality over anything else, give this one a serious look.

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2. Nicama Boom Pole

The Nicama Boom Pole is a much more affordable boom pole that actually extends further than our previous recommendation. It comes out at 11.5ft at its max and goes down to roughly 3ft. It might not use carbon fiber, but it does have high-quality materials as well.

Nicama 11.5Ft Professional Boom Pole
Nicama 11.5Ft Professional Boom Pole

This boom pole uses aluminum alloy as its main metal, giving us a lightweight feel with durability. The wide tube diameter means it can handle larger or heavier microphones without bending in any way. This is essential for many people, and I was pleasantly surprised the first time I used this boom pole.

Nicama also uses foam handles throughout the pole giving you both comfortable and tight grip. If you've ever worked on a set for 8+ hours, you know how sore your hands can get. Even better, however, is the ability to push the microphone cable through the bottom of the boom pole up through the top, so you can avoid tripping over wires!

For a more affordable budget pole, it's easy to see why this one is so popular. I always recommend this one to my friends who are being more budget concious. It does an amazing job and has great unique features.

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High End (Compact)

3. K-Tek KE79CCR Traveler

The K-Tek KE79CCR Traveler comes from a line of boom poles that have been popular since I've been in the industry. I love them all in many ways, but this specific choice is my all-time favorite. I've used it almost as much as the Rode Boompole Pro.

K-TEK KE79CCR Traveler Aluminum Boompole
K-TEK KE79CCR Traveler Aluminum Boompole

This boom pole is really handy for those who are traveling a lot. I've worked with crews who go from country to country to talk about different topics, and we bought a four-pack of these poles for the trip. They're super light, compact down to nearly 1.5ft, and fit right in your backpack. It's called the traveler for a reason!

While it's very compact in size, it can only extend to 6ft 7in. It's really important to consider this when you make your final purchase, as some people find themselves needing up to 10 or 11ft in production. That being said, this aluminum boom pole has 6 extension points, so it's very versatile for your filming needs.

It's not a surprise that this boom pole made it to our list, today. It's a highly popular choice on the market, it's been battle tested by many professionals, and does a phenomenal job as a compact pole.

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Budget Choice

4. Neewer NW-7000

The Neewer NW-7000 is a much more affordable boom pole. It offers a good range of length, good quality materials, and has some of the best cost to quality ratios. I also enjoy the design aesthetic more than some of the other poles on this list.

Neewer NW-7000 Microphone Boom Pole
Neewer NW-7000 Microphone Boom Pole

The length you'll get out of this boom pole spans from 3ft to 8ft. These extensions are broken down into 3 different sections to fit your needs. The locks work almost as well as the professional Rode we mentioned earlier. It's a really big deal to me when you can quickly adjust your pole as needed.

The grips are made with a really soft foam that helps prevent your hands from getting tired and sore. The traction is pretty good as well, so even if your hands get sweaty, you don't risk dropping your expensive boom microphone. This pole uses the popular aluminum alloy that some of the others on this list useful as well.

Overall, it's a great boom pole, especially for smaller productions. I've worked with a good amount of film students who are just starting out and paying out of pocket. If that sounds like you, give this pole a shot. You can always return it and trade up if needed!

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5. Movo CMP-25 Boom Pole

The Movo CMP-25 Boom Pole is another fantastic mid-range choice for a microphone boom pole. If you want something made with high-quality materials like the Rode, while paying half the cost, this might be for you.

Movo CMP-25 Microphone Boom Pole With Cable
Movo CMP-25 Microphone Boom Pole With Cable

This boom pole uses the same carbon fiber materials as our top choice. It is incredibly durable (we tested) and very lightweight. You won't have to worry about arm fatigue if you're shooting long sessions. There are also padded hand grips that work really well, no matter what shape your hands are in.

The pole length goes from about 3ft to 8ft, with 3 sections for locks. This is pretty mediocre in my opinion, and I would like to see a little more versatility and length, so keep this in mind before making your purchase. However, the Movo CMP-25 Boom Pole offers an integrated XLR cable for easy connection with your mic, and no tripping over wires!

Overall, Movo CMP-25 Boom Pole is exactly what a mid-range boom pole looks like. It uses the best materials we could ask for, it's highly durable, and offers that integrated XLR cable feature!

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6. LyxPro Portable Boom Pole

The LyxPro Portable Boom Pole is another affordable and highly popular boom pole on the film scene. I used it a lot back in the day on beginner film sets, and it was my go to budget choice until I came across the Nicama Boom Pole.

LyxPro Portable Mic Boom Pole Arm
LyxPro Portable Mic Boom Pole Arm

This boom pole uses very durable and quality materials. It's really lightweight to work with, and I've never had an issue with it not handling the weight of my shotgun microphone. What's impressive is that it collapses down to about 2.5ft, while extending as far as 9.25ft! That is some serious range!

Better yet, they break it down into 5 sections giving you great versatility. And a feature we really love is the integrated cable for isolating your wires. In terms of comfort, I enjoy the padded handles, though they're a little tougher than some of the other options. That being said, they grip really well!

Overall, if you want something reliable, you'll have good success with the LyxPro Portable Boom Pole. It's been around for a while and is used by many filmmakers today.

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Important Considerations

As we’ve said before in this article, there are a lot of factors you need to consider when buying your best boom pole. We’ll quickly recap these for you so that you can double-check the one you have in mind is perfect for you. Let’s start with length!

Adjusting Boom On Film Set
Adjusting Boom On Film Set

The best part about using a boom pole with your shotgun microphone is that you’ll capture great audio as close to the sound source as possible without being in the frame. However, working these angles is not always that simple, in my experience. I’ve worked with short boom operators who weren’t able to get the microphone out of the shot due to a short boom pole.

You may also be surprised at where the best placement for that operator can be when shooting in unfamiliar or tight locations. I’ve had to stand below balconies while hanging the microphone above the parties on that same balcony, as there was no other access. It worked, but we needed a serious boom pole for that job. My favorite choice that I’ve been using for many years is the aforementioned Rode Boompole Pro.

Another extremely important factor is weight & strength. I’ve witnessed the snapping death of more than one boom pole in my life, and a lot of this was due to cheaper poles. That’s not to say you can’t use one, otherwise, we wouldn’t have put some on this list! But you need to carefully read the specs about maximum weight and purchase accordingly.

With these thoughts in mind, you’re right on track to buying the very best boom pole for your filming experience.


By now you should have an idea of the best boom pole for filming. The choices we’ve featured vary drastically in both price and performance. I’ve worked on so many film sets, from high school projects to full-blown productions. The choices we’ve listed for you here have been battle-tested by me & my team in real-world scenarios.

It’s always important to factor in the different tools you’ll be using alongside your boom pole. Whether it’s the weight of the boom microphone, or the accessibility of your field recorder. When you’re working to get the best audio for film, you need to consider every tool in your toolbox & how well the work together.

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