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Updated on Mar 23, 2023

Finding the best cheap microphones can be a real challenge, as the affordable market becomes saturated with poor quality choices. Fortunately, the Musician Nerds know a lot about finding a good cheap microphone, as we've tried and tested a massive selection, from household names to new start-up brands.

Despite what you'd think, there are many unique options for the best budget microphone, with companies developing better and better mics for beginners with studio-grade materials. Whether used for live performances, voice-overs, YouTube or even recording your next single, you can get professional-sounding audio for under $100.

We'll review the best budget microphones and then dive into the specifics. We understand the many use cases people need microphones for and will touch on the different categories of microphones after. So let's get into the best cheap microphones!

The 8 Best Cheap Microphones

Best Overall

1. Shure SM48-LC Cardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphone

First on our list is The Shure SM48-LC. If you're looking for the best microphone for live vocals on a budget, consider this carefully. Coming in under $50, the Shure SM48-LC Cardioid Dynamic offers incredibly clear quality with a brightened midrange and bass roll-off for that extra emphasis on your vocals. This makes it one of the best cheap microphones on the market right now.

Shure SM48-LC Inside Stand Adapter
Shure SM48-LC Inside Stand Adapter

If you're ever looking to find the best vocal mic under 500, Shure is always a solid choice, as their SM-series of microphones range offer outstanding quality in every price range. Just like the Shure SM7B beats out others in the $400 range, the SM48-LC is going to be one of your best buys under $50.

While it’s dubbed as a vocal mic, you can also use the Shure SM48-LC for recording purposes if you’re on a tight budget. The dynamic capsule with the cardioid polar pattern eliminates extra background noises, and so while the audio is not the richest, you’ll still find it's one of the best cheap microphones in this price range.

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2. Samson Go Mic Portable USB Condenser Microphone

Another one of the best cheap microphones we have for you is the Samson Go, which is essential for those on the go making videos. When it comes to cheap microphones, this is a fantastic choice. The versatility of the Samson Go helps make it really unique, and in general, I love Samson microphone for my budget-friendly purchases.

Samson Go USB Microphone Connected To Computer
Samson Go USB Microphone Connected To Computer

The first aspect of the Samson Go that I love is the portability. If you're doing Vlogs or any other travel-based / outdoors work, this microphone should probably be your last stop because it's the best on the list for that type of work. The small size is competitive, given the power this microphone is capable of.

This USB Microphone also offers two polar pattern modes, cardioid and omnidirectional. The cardioid pattern will be great if you’re speaking directly into the microphone, whereas Omni will capture the whole “room.” For Vloggers and alike, this Samson very well may be one of the best cheap microphones for you.

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3. Snowball Black iCE

Third on our list of the best cheap microphones is the Snowball iCE, a favorite amongst beginner & hobby YouTubers. The sound offered by this (very) interesting-looking USB microphone is awe-inspiring for this price point, which is not surprising coming from Blue. When recording videos, I first purchased this microphone and found it to offer a massive quality boost over the typical built-in computer microphone.

Blue Snowball Black iCE USB Mic With Laptop And Controller
Blue Snowball Black iCE USB Mic With Laptop And Controller

The Snowball iCE is certified by both Skype and Discord, thanks to its innovative design, with a custom cardioid condenser offering crystal-clear audio. The shape and size make it a perfect fit for any desktop, with a tri-fold design offering a sturdy balance. As a USB microphone, you don't need to worry about extra equipment to get started, which is another bonus for a condenser mic.

The frequency range is a little narrower than we like to see, but what it lacks in frequency, it gains in sensitivity. This desktop mic is sure to provide a competitive level of depth to your audio one way or another, and some would argue it’s the best condenser mic under 100. Overall, definitely one of the best cheap microphones.

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4. Fifine Microphone

The Fifine microphone is one of the most popular cheap microphones on the market, and while it's not a household name like some of the others on this list, it's a very impressive microphone. We recently tested this microphone again for our article about the best microphones for Zoom and decided it would be a great choice to put in here.

Fifine USB Microphone
Fifine USB Microphone

The Fifine microphone is excellent because you can plug it right in and get started. They include a nearly 6-foot USB cable and a tripod desk stand, so you'll have everything you need. They use a cardioid condenser which means you're getting high-quality audio without background noise. The cardioid pickup only records audio through the front while blocking noise from the sides and rear. If you live on a busy street as I do, that will be convenient!

The Fifine mic is definitely versatile, but the few ways I'd recommend using it are for podcasts, gaming, and virtual meetings. If you're looking for something to record music, there are other options on this list that are better suited for that, but for everything else speech related, it's a great buy at a great price!

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5. Jlab Audio Talk Go

The next choice on our list of the best cheap microphones is the Jlab Audio Talk Go USB Microphone, a feature-rich & affordable USB condenser microphone. This microphone is an affordable alternative to the Blue Yeti series. We've compared the two in the past and found a lot of similarities though Blue came out on top with a quality edge.

Jlab Audio Talk Sitting On Wooden Table
Jlab Audio Talk Sitting On Wooden Table

One of the first things that jump out to most people is the resolution of this budget microphone. With 96kHz/24Bit-depth, the accuracy transmission from mic to computer is industry standard, which is amazing for a condenser mic under 100.

The Jlab Audio Talk Go offers both a cardioid mode and Omni mode for recording a single voice or the whole room. It also has a volume adjuster and zero-latency monitoring via an aux cable. And my last favorite feature about it is they use USB-C instead of Micro-USB. This brand is a lot newer, and I'm happy to have it on our list of the best cheap microphones!

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6. Shure SM58 Cardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphone

Another one of the best microphones for live vocals is the Shure SM58, the older sibling to the SM48-LC mentioned earlier. There's no way I can have a list of the best cheap microphones without mentioning this legendary & affordable vocal mic! This microphone is a little more expensive, though the quality is impeccable, and it's one of the most popular & widely used live microphones in the world.

Shure SM58 Dynamic Vocal Microphone Standing Upright
Shure SM58 Dynamic Vocal Microphone Standing Upright

As we've said before, when you're looking for the best cheap microphone, Shure is always a good option because they know how to over-deliver quality. The Shure SM58 offers a lot of valuable features for live vocals, such as an internal shock mount to reduce handling noises and a built-in spherical wind with pop filter.

If you’re looking for the best microphone for vocals, the Shure SM58 features a brightened midrange and bass roll-off, giving the illusion of depth and accuracy. However, I've personally had success using it for voice-over work and YouTube videos. This is one of the best cheap microphones featured on the list, and we can't say enough great things about it.

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Podcast Option

7. Audio-Technica AT2020 Cardioid Medium-diaphragm Condenser Microphone

For podcasting and videos, you must check out the Audio-Technica AT2020, easily one of the best cheap microphones. This microphone is one of the most popular choices for beginners and professionals in the podcasting space. The quality is incredible for this price point, and it's effortless to use.

Audio Technica AT2020 Condenser Mic With Stand
Audio Technica AT2020 Condenser Mic With Stand

This side-addressed condenser microphone is visually stunning, giving you the confidence to work with a quality mic. Audio-Technica is another brand that has set the stage for affordable microphones, and while this is an XLR mic (as opposed to USB), the inconvenience is going to be worth it for those who are serious about getting the best quality.

With a high SPL, the AT2020 provides a wide dynamic range of versatility, ideal for home studios and video audio. Your audio also has a wide-range frequency response for serious depth, with crisp highs and warm lows. This is an important choice if you're looking for one of the best cheap microphones for podcasts.

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Studio / Podcast Option

8. AKG P120

The last microphone on the list of the best cheap microphones is the AKG P120, which some home-studio aficionados would call the best condenser mic under 200. The sensitivity of this microphone is similar to what you'll get from a studio microphone, with superior accuracy and depth.

AKG P120 Studio Microphone Laying Down
AKG P120 Studio Microphone Laying Down

The AKG P120 works as both a vocal mic and an instrument mic. We wouldn't recommend using it for live vocals, but it makes a fine addition for home studios. When it comes to finding the best condenser mic under 200, I always include this one because of its sound quality comparable to mics, which are almost double the cost.

While a bit more expensive, the AKG P220 is similar but has a little more power and is also one of the best AKG microphones on the market. Both microphones were developed for home studios on a budget, and they do a fine job at that. They're a little less versatile, as I wouldn't choose to use them for voice-over work, but for singing and instruments, this is one of the better choices for the best cheap microphones.

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Our Expertise

We could go on and on about the best cheap microphones, but who are the Musician Nerds, and why are we qualified to talk on this subject? As our name suggests, we are very passionate musicians. We have been working with audio equipment from a hobbyist standpoint from an early age, and our founder, Adrian, has been recording music since he was a little kid. He has experience from both a budget home-studio perspective and being in professional-grade studios, allowing for unique insights on the importance of audio equipment. Furthermore, as "nerds," we love gaming, streaming, and listening to podcasts, so we deeply love microphones used in those settings.

We know what it's like to have a dying passion for music but no funds to fulfill your every desire. I can't tell you how many cheap microphones I've been through in my life, giving me a lifetime of experience on this topic. I use my knowledge to help people like you find the best cheap microphone on the market because I know it's not that easy in a space flooded with destructive options.

How To Find A Powerful Condenser Microphone At A Good Price

Finding a quality condenser microphone on a budget typically proves to be more challenging than finding a good dynamic. The complexity of condenser microphones requires fine craftsmanship, which is why many people think the best cheap microphones are dynamic, but that's not always the case. As you may know, the accuracy of these microphones depends on the capacitance recorded by the sensitivity of the inner components.

USB Condenser Microphone Suspended In Front Of Computer
USB Condenser Microphone Suspended In Front Of Computer

Finding a condenser microphone under 200 high enough quality to impress can be challenging but not impossible. As we've seen on the list above, a few good choices are the AKG P120 or the Audio-Technica AT2020. Both of these microphones have the potential to bring studio quality to your home setup, and with extra equipment, you can further enhance the experience.

A misconception people make is that sensitivity is bad. I often get asked how to lower mic sensitivity, and I stop dead in my tracks because that is the opposite of what I want. If you want to know how to make your mic sound better, you should first look at your environment before anything else.

Microphone sensitivity captures the depth of your audio with extreme accuracy, which is why studio mics are famously sensitive. If your microphone picks up echoes or other unwarranted noises from your environment, it will corrupt the audio, making it useless. But this is not the microphone's fault.

While a preamp can help, the best solution is noise-proofing. After you take a look at this article on How To Reduce Echo In A Room, you may realize it isn't the hardest DIY project. Touring artists have used their hotel beds and pillows to make soundproofing.

So popular to contrary belief, it's not all that hard to find the best condenser mic under 200; you just have to consider the other factors of recording audio.


Finding the best cheap microphones does not always mean you're getting poor quality. There are so many good options in this day and age, no matter your budget. It's essential to understand what you need it for, as every microphone is different. The best microphone for live vocals can be drastically different than what you use in your home studio.

What did you think of our list? Do you think we missed a great choice? We're always open to feedback on our selections and will test out any recommendations! We hope to have provided some value in your microphone buying decisions.

Let us know in the comments below if you purchased one of these microphones and how you're liking it!

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