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Updated on Apr 14, 2021

If you’re looking for the best Samson microphones on the market, then you’ve come to the right place. As one of the few brands that we follow very closely, Samson is known for their consumer-friendly USB microphones, particularly in the voice-over and podcast community. Whether it’s the G-Track Pro or the Samson Go, you’re going to see both well-known microphones and some hidden gems developed by Samson, perfect for your next and future projects.

Today we’ll run you through our favorite Samson microphones, and then dive into the background of their company. You’ll find a lot of these mics are great USB microphones for use with computers. On top of that, we'll be recommending some of our favorite microphones for studio recording, both for vocals and instruments.

Without further a due, let’s get into the best Samson microphones, starting with the well-known Samson Meteor.

The Best Samson Microphones

Our Picks

Computer USB

1. Samson Meteor

When I think of Samson microphones, my first thought is their professional sounding USB Meteor model, with its futuristic look & built-in tripod legs. The Samson Meteor is perfect for anyone working at their desk looking for something both affordable & lightweight.

Samson Meteor USB Plugged Into Laptop
Samson Meteor USB Plugged Into Laptop

Offering a smooth, flat, wide-range frequency response rate of 20Hz to 20kHz, the Samson Meteor is capable of capturing the full depth of your voice or instrument. When it comes to building character in our audio, that full range of frequencies with a strong transient response rate is essential. This USB Microphone uses a Cardioid polar pattern, making it unidirectional. This ensures the capsule will pick up audio coming directly through the front of the microphone, blocking out the sides and rear.

The Samson Meteor also comes equipped with a headphone jack for zero-latency monitoring in real-time. This is going to come in handy if you’re running a podcast or streaming. If you want something affordable and convenient, don’t skip over this one.

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HQ Computer USB

2. Samson G-Track Pro

If you’re looking for an even better USB Microphone from Samson, then the Samson G-Track Pro is likely for you. This mic has a lot of the same features as the Meteor but produces much better-quality audio.

Samson G-Track Pro USB With Computer
Samson G-Track Pro USB With Computer

This All-in-one professional microphone is incredibly versatile, offering features I don’t often see In USB mics. For starters, it has a ¼" input for connecting guitar, keyboard, or anything else compatible with that cable size. This is very rare to find and allows you to do so much with so little. It also allows you to change your polar pattern between Cardioid, Omnidirectional, and Bi-Directional. This means it can capture audio from either the front, all sides, or both the front & back. This level of convenience adds even more functionality to the Samson G-Track Pro.

Lastly, the resolution of this USB Microphone is 24-bit/96kHz, which is a professional standard. Pair it with their wide-range frequency response and you can see why this Samson microphone sounds so good. If you’re looking for the best microphone for your computer, don’t miss out on this choice.

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Best Portable

3. Samson Go

Speaking of computer mics, one of my absolute favorite Samson microphones is their portable Go microphone. If you want something really affordable, easy to use, and small in size, then the Samson Go is absolutely the best choice on this list for you.

Samson Go USB Microphone Connected To Computer
Samson Go USB Microphone Connected To Computer

Thanks to the compact design of this USB Microphone, it functions as either a desk microphone or you can clip it directly onto your laptop! I’ve personally used one of these for outdoor vlogging, keeping it clipped to the top of my computer while making videos. This is also great if you work from home and take a lot of meetings! Don’t let the low price fool you, however, as this condenser microphone is also great for beginners to record music at home. The recording capabilities are pretty versatile, offering both cardioid and omnidirectional polar patterns.

When it comes to portable & cheap microphones, the Samson Go is always going to be one of my top choices. I highly recommend looking into it further.

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Best Studio

4. Samson C01 Condenser

Now that we’ve covered Samsons very best USB Microphones, let’s talk about some of their studio-grade XLR microphones, like the Samson C01 Condenser mic. I actually recently picked this one up for the purpose of this review, so I can speak on it a lot.

Samson C01 Condenser With Audio Interface And Desktop
Samson C01 Condenser With Audio Interface And Desktop

This multi-purpose studio condenser works great for both vocals and guitar. With a 40Hz to 18kHz frequency response, the Samson C01 has great mid-range control and helps keep the bass tones warm and smooth. This is really useful when recording stringed instruments. The off-axis sound rejection will focus on capturing your primary sound source while minimizing background noise or even feedback if used live. This is thanks to the cardioid polar pattern used by the condenser.

The rugged design of the capsule includes a heavy gauge mesh grille and gold plated XLR connector. As important as the sound of our microphones are, the physical design Is just as essential, and we’re getting pure quality out of the Samson C01. If you're looking for a Samson microphone to be used in the studio, definitely give this one a look.

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Best Dynamic

5. Samson Dynamic Q2U

The Samson Dynamic Q2U is one of their finest dynamic microphones. The first thing I have to say about it is it’s incredibly versatile. I mean you could take it up on stage, use it for podcasts, do anything you could think of with your voice and this microphone.

Samson Q2U On Desktop Stand
Samson Q2U On Desktop Stand

Dynamic microphones are really useful for their noise eliminating functions, and this one comes packed with an optional windscreen for reducing windblast noise or pops. The high-quality audio the Samson Dynamic Q2U produces holds a heavy emphasis on the mid-range performance, with a frequency response of 50Hz – 15kHz. Like other options on this list, it comes with a headphone jack for latency-free monitoring, which is really handy for podcasts and live streams. While it has the option to use an XLR connection, you will find it also has a USB port for computer-use, further enhancing its capabilities for podcasting.

Dynamic microphones are a lot less sensitive than condenser microphones, and while overall microphone sensitivity is important, for those on a budget without a great place to record, dynamics can be incredibly beneficial. The cardioid pattern further enhances the benefit of home use by eliminating most of the surrounding background noise. If you want a dynamic Samson microphone, this is the one for you!

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Best Instrument

6. Samson CO2 Pencil

If you’re looking for a great instrument microphone, then the Samson CO2 Pencil microphone is going to be a great option to consider. While there is a lot of debate out there, in some ways, the best mics for acoustic guitar are small-diaphragm condensers (although I personally find that combining them with large-diaphragm is the optimal choice, as you can read here in how to record acoustic guitar).

Samson C02 Pencil Microphones
Samson C02 Pencil Microphones

The Samson CO2 Pencil Microphone is incredible at picking up transient response, which is going to come in handy with the rapid vibration of guitar strings. With the low-mass capsule inside, it’s able to pick up a wide range of frequencies, giving your audio a great range of depth. While it’s great for guitar, the CO2 can handle sound pressure levels of 134db SPL, allowing you to record percussion instruments & cymbals without distorting your audio.

What else is great is that they come in pairs and include a protective aluminum case & shock mounted clips. The shock mounts will protect your audio from vibrations by absorbing the shocks. If you want a versatile instrument Samson microphone, then definitely look no further.

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Best Broadcast

7. Samson Satellite USB

My last (but not least) favorite Samson microphone is going to be the Samson Satellite, another USB Microphone developed for recording, podcasting, and streaming purposes. As you may be able to guess by the design, this mic was developed for broadcast purposes, and the professional quality reflects that.

Samson Satellite USB Broadcast Microphone Plugged Into Tablet
Samson Satellite USB Broadcast Microphone Plugged Into Tablet

One unique factor about the Samson Satellite is that it supports multiple USB types from micro-USB to Lighting to USB Micro cables (included), making it really flexible no matter what device you’re pairing it with. This level of consideration is not often seen by microphone companies.

This microphone is going to be really good for live streaming, specifically because of the touch mute switch, which quickly silences your audio without any pops or clicks. It also offers three polar pattern modes, Cardioid, Omni, and Bi-directional, making it a good choice whether you’re alone, with a group, or doing 1 on 1 interviews (or similar).

The quality is great, I would compare it to a lot of the others on this list. The resolution rate is 24-bit/96kHz, which is the professional standard, and it offers a flawless wide-range frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz. This is a great microphone that comes in around 100 on average. You wouldn’t be disappointed with it.

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About Samson Microphones

Founded in 1986, Samson Technologies manufacture electronic audio and video equipment for home entertainment. Their most popular markets include beginner/intermediate videographers, vloggers, YouTubers, and Podcasters. Their wide range of microphones does a great job at covering this market, as you may be able to tell by the variance in the list above.

Woman Using Samson Microphones Wireless System For Video
Woman Using Samson Microphones Wireless System For Video

While the USB Microphone market is exploding right now, with massive competition, Samson still does a great job at owning what they do best. When it comes to finding a small, portable microphone for recording on the go, the Samson Go is always going to be a suggestion I bring up. When looking for affordable broadcast microphones, I’ll always consider recommending the Samson Satellite USB.

On top of that, Samson develops Wireless systems and PA systems, further supporting their microphones for what they were intended to be used as.

They’re certainly not the most high-end brand out there, and that’s okay. In fact, companies that focus on one single segment tend to do better. What we get out of Samson Microphones is exactly what we need- convenience, portability, and usability.


Samson microphones are great for podcasting, videos, and YouTube. It's no wonder we keep seeing their name in these markets, as they do a great job for consumer-friendly microphones, especially their USB options. Hopefully, our list of their best microphones had an option that suits your needs. If not, it may be worth reading our list of the best USB microphones or maybe this list to find the best microphone for computer.

If you went ahead and purchased one of these Samson microphones, let us know in the comments below! We love engaging with you all about your thoughts on our recommendations. If you think our list could be better, let us know what we're missing! Good luck with your future audio recordings.

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