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Updated on Jan 04, 2021

When it comes to the search for the best XLR cable, there are a few important factors to consider. Most people look for the best balance between quality, price, and length, but how do we figure that out? The Musician Nerds have burned through a ton of XLR cables over our combined lifetimes for both personal and professional use. To say we have experience is an understatement.

We’ve picked a handful of excellent cables that we recommend everyone consider. We understand the different needs and budgets people have and are confident there is a choice for everyone. Whether you want studio-grade cabling or the best bang for your buck, this list has you covered.

The Best XLR Cables

Best Overall

1. Mogami Gold Studio

The Mogami Gold Studio sets a standard for XLR cables by offering massive quality assurance, not just within the electronics but the external durability. Say goodbye to that flimsy, cheap, plastic that people call a cable, and say hello to what every professional studio should use at the minimum.

Picture Of Mogami Gold XLR Cable
Picture Of Mogami Gold XLR Cable

The Mogami Gold Studio cords are wired with the Mogami Neglex Quad High Definition Microphone Cable, offering competitive clarity with the highest noise cancellation & reduction of RF interference. This means you will get the best out of your audio, as if there were no cables between the audio & recording devices. The hard, thick cables also ensure no damage will come to them from stepping on them (or bending them and what not).

The Mogami Gold Studio puts quality first. If you want the best studio-grade cabling, definitely give this one a shot.

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Best Budget Option

2. Monoprice Premier Series

The Monoprice Premier Cable is one of the best budget friendly options on the market. I remember back in the day I would burn through cheap cables, and this one was a game changer for me.

Picture Of Monoprice Premier Series Cable
Picture Of Monoprice Premier Series Cable

Offering up to 6ft under $10 (and longer beyond that price), this is going to be a great choice for desktop microphones or PA interconnections. The Monoprice Premier Cable offer impedance balanced lines for reducing EM and RF noise, transfering only the best of your audio signals. They use a seperate braided sheild for additional resistance of interference.

Now, you don't have to take my word for it. They're also confident in their product, enough so that they offer a lifetime warranty. If you need some affordable cables, this is the one to go with.

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3. GLS Audio

The GLS Audio Cable offers great balance between low cost and long cord. Offering 25 feet of cable for under $20 is not all that common, and when we see it, they're usually cheap and break easy.

GLS Audio 25 Foot XLR Cord
GLS Audio 25 Foot XLR Cord

The GLS Audio Cable, however, uses a heavy-duty rubber jacket around it's wiring for high durability and protection. This is great for stage use, or even studios if you're tight on space. The high-grade dual copper and sheild offer efficient conductivity with reduced noise interferences.

I wouldn't say that this is the best on the market, but if you want affordable & long, it may be your best bet. It won't last you forever, but it won't crap out in a few months either.

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4. Pig Hog PHM15

The Pig Hog PHM15 is one of my favorite cables, though not as cheap as the above option. They focus on durability above all else, making them one of the best XLR cables.

Picture Of Pig Hog Tour Grade Microphone Cables
Picture Of Pig Hog Tour Grade Microphone Cables

What you'll find with the Pig Hog PHM15 is that no matter what conditions you put it through, it upholds. I've set up tour systems for many people and rarely hear about these breaking or taking damage. On top of that, I've used it in studios where I have to bend it in 50 different ways, and it let's me! I've broken so many cables doing this, but not the Pig Hog.

If you're going on tour and need something that can handle any and all conditions, don't brush past this fine choice. Durability is their key.

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5. Gearlux XLR

I used to use the Gearlux Cable like crazy. At one point I had dozens of packs as I was using them for PA systems & studio connections.

Gearlux XLR Cables
Gearlux XLR Cables

The Gearlux Cable is affordable, high quality, and long. I would buy 2-packs of 25ft cables for a great bargain, and run them through speakers, microphones, and even lighting. I rarely had issues with noise, though they're not the most durable. You won't get the same feeling of strength when you touch these as some of our above options, but they still last.

This choice will be best for those who need tons of cheap cabling. I used to buy these in bulk to get the price down as much as I could.

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6. Furui XLR

The Furui Cable is nylon-braided with oxygen free copper conductors. They excel in the sound department.

Closeup Picture Of Furui Microphone Cables
Closeup Picture Of Furui Microphone Cables

If you're looking for a microphone cable for home use, such as a desktop mic, then the Furui Cable could be a great choice. The inner electrnoics are well-made, offering extremely low interference noises, and the nylon braid offers extreme resistance to both high and low temperatures. The only caveat is that the end pieces are not the most durable.

For many this will be fine, and hobby/semi-regular use won't burn through these cables, but for professional studio & stage use, it wouldn't be my number one choice.

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7. Cable Creation

The Cable Creation is another great bang-for-your-buck choice. I haven't used these as much as the others, but I can say I've put them through a few months of regular use without issue.

Cable Creation XLR Cables
Cable Creation XLR Cables

The durable PVC jacket on the Cable Creation makes it really flexible, which is one of my biggest concerns. I have to bend cables in all sorts of manners both in the studio and on stage, and so it's important to have a cable that won't wear down from this. The foil shielded and Metal braided shield protect your sound quality from external signals, and from my tests, the noise level was little to none.

I would say the Cable Creation is comparable to many others on this list, and will offer you great value. I plan to use them more often.

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Hopefully this list had a good option for your needs. The market is flooded with cheap options and it can be difficult to know which is of quality. Having used thousands of cables throughout my lifetime for personal and professional purposes, I know which ones are winners and losers.

A piece of advice I give to everyone is if you’re using these for live performances, focus more on quality & durability. I’ve always found my cables to wear faster when used for live gigs, and I’ve also run out of working cables mid-show. It’s not something you want to go through if you can avoid it, so go big to live.

For those recording at home on their laptop may also be interested in finding the best xlr to usb cable, if you don’t use a preamp with USB output.

If you purchase this list, we would love to hear what you think in the comments below! You should also reach out with any suggestions, as we’re always looking to try new things!

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