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Updated on Mar 21, 2023

When it comes to recording audio at home, you've probably wished you could plug your XLR (External Line Return) microphone directly into your computer & record. Luckily for you, a handful of XLR to USB cable adapters can help you accomplish this. As you may know, however, when we convert different electrical signals through various formats, it can affect our output. For that reason, we will help you find the best adapters so that you don't experience a decrease in audio quality.

It's important to remember that different microphones have different needs, so this is not a one-size-fits-all type of deal. Most condenser microphones require Phantom Power, and so an XLR to USB cable will not allow you to activate your mic. Instead, you'll need to use an audio interface (preamp, mixer, etc.) with phantom power capabilities & the option for USB output. On the other hand, dynamic microphones don't require any special power to work; you can convert and go, which is significantly cheaper, which I do with my Shure SM7B.

For the intent of this article, we'll only be covering XLR to USB cables rather than audio interfaces. We strongly recommend you do your due diligence on the type of power you need before purchasing this list.

The Best XLR to USB Cables

Best Quality

1. Hosongin Cable

The Hosongin Cable is hands-down the best choice on the market with high-quality conversion.

Picture Of Hosongin Converter Cable
Picture Of Hosongin Converter Cable

The Hosongin Cable uses the best high-quality wiring with a heavy-duty alloy metal connector to deliver the best electronic signal conversion between XLR & USB. We've worked with many XLR to USB cables over the years (for personal, professional, and review purposes), and this is the one I use for my day-to-day work. Even Hosongin is confident in their quality, offering 18 months of after-sales quality assurance.

Cheaper Alternative

2. NewBEP Cable

The NewBEP Cable is another great option at a more budget-friendly price.

NewBEP USB Microphone Cable With XLR Female
NewBEP USB Microphone Cable With XLR Female

The NewBEP Cable is what I used to use regularly for my XLR to USB connections. It's nearly as effective as the above option for recording audio without a noticeable drop in quality; however, the USB connector can be a pain. If you've used a cheap USB drive that always seemed to eject itself, this cable can have a similar problem, but for the most part, it performs well. I've used it for many years with hardly any issues.

Gold Plated & Corded

3. Nuosiya Cable

The Nuosiya Cable is a high-quality conversion cable with a nice aesthetic to it.

The Nuosiya Converter Cable
The Nuosiya Converter Cable

The Nuosiya Cable features a gold/black cord with gold-plated metal connectors. I haven't had any special issues with this cable, though I've not used it as much as the above two. It looks cool, but I would still recommend the above two options if you're more concerned about having a long-lasting regular-use converter cable. But this one looks better for those who need it for occasional use.

USB-C Converter

4. Comica Cable (USB-C)

The Comica Cable is separate from the other options as it converts to USB-C, a more modern USB format.

Comica XLR to USB-C Cable
Comica XLR to USB-C Cable

The Comica Cable is a bit different from our other options as it converts to USB-C, rather than USB/USB 2. If you read about the best laptops for music production, you'll see the Macbook Pro is the optimal choice. As of right now, newer Pro models exclusively use USB-C, and I imagine many other computers will follow suit over the years. For this reason, and this reason alone, I would strongly consider buying this cable if you can use it today.


Finding the best XLR to USB cable doesn't have to be a challenge. You must make an educated purchase as the market is flooded with poorly built electronics. Maintaining the proper electronic signal through your cables is essential to the audio quality in the audio space, so using a cable from our list will ensure that happens.

If you end up purchasing off of this list, let us know! We'd love to hear your feedback. Do you have a suggestion for this list? Comment about it, and we'll buy it! We're always looking to expand our recommended products.

Posted on Nov 04, 2020


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